Hi, I am Daryna Gulei! I have been living in Ukraine for over twenty years. I work as Architect and I am really crazy about architecture. In my spare time from work, I am traveling all around the world with my twin sister Polina Gulei, enjoying my life meeting new people, learning new cultures and getting inspired by nature.

Together, we have visited lot`s of countries and our first journeys were at the age of 10 y.o. so mostly information I forgot, that`s why on this blog I write only about my recent travels, since 2010. Nevertheless, I am thankful to my family that in my childhood they gave me a huge opportunity to travel.

During my life, I managed to visit: Finland, Estonia, Netherlands, England, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Russia.

I keep this website for two reasons. I use it as an online journal where I can write down my travelings and keep it as a memorable archive. And It is also a great place for my family and friends to stay up to date and get in touch with me. Hope you will like my articles and I will inspire you to like the architectural world and to travel more and more!

On MY ARCHITRAVEL BLOG you will find:

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Unique information about visited countries and architectural buildings

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Useful Internet links to famous architectural structures and their creators (architects)




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